cc and boys

 M-Bodied: a mothering movement

M-Bodied: a mothering movement teaches mindful movement and body-based writing movement as a way to create a reparative, sustainable relationship with the body and self.  M-Bodied offers a blend of:

  • developmental movement patterns influenced by both Attachment Theory and Polyvagal Theory
  • guided mindful movement and dance exploration using rhythmic movement metaphors to elicit a variety of rhythms and possibilities that exist from inside-out promoting effective action and social engagement
  • alignment-based and trauma-informed yoga asana and pranayama techniques

While this class was originally created for mothers and their babies since that tends to shine a light on attachment and attunement issues and opportunities, this class series is open to anyone who wants to practice attuning to her self through movement and writing in a mothering way.  Group is kept small for privacy and quality of experience.  Upcoming series in Decatur-area summer 2018.  Please write for more details.

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