functional resistance training



 functional resistance training

Gentle, smart, sustainable, strong.  You might sweat (a lot or a little), but you stay present in your body and mindful of how you’re moving.  If you want resistance training that’s easy on the joints (read: low impact), functional for your everyday as well as the long-run, but also satisfying and exhilarating, this is for you. Dumbbells, bands, balls, just your body – OR – household chores and babies for resistance!  We get creative and realistic. Great for anyone who wants to put in the effort, excellent for those who also desire to naturally incorporate exercise into their day.  Learn to walk with alignment, safely pick up things, and take stress off your body. We focus on moving and training as a whole, paying attention to the subtle parts that offer value.  Move and live with ease, strength and energy! 

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