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Moving and writing options for all levels, all bodies.  Please click on the title for more details:

  1. M-Bodied ~ FLOW’s signature series.  A small group created to support the mothering or self-care journey.  Along with writing exercises, this includes a blend of healthy alignment with guided mindful movement exploration to balance boundaries with freedom.  
  2. alignment-based yoga ~ A steady, grounded practice of body awareness, healthy but flexible alignment, breath work, grounding and chakra work.
  3. functional resistance training ~ Perfect for anyone who wants to move with ease through their exercise and daily life.  Gentle, sustainable, rooted, balanced, exhilarating strength.  
  4. intuitive movement and body awareness ~ Whether you sense your body giving you deeper messages, or you’ve always relied on something else to tell you how to move, or perhaps you want to dance how you want to dance, this is deeply moving work to explore your body’s voice and intuition.
  5. body-based writing ~ As Martha Graham said, “The body never lies.”  Self inquiry at its best. 

*Private sessions and small groups are offered either at the client’s home (depending on location), Skype, phone, and/or studio space in the Decatur area.  Please write for service pricing or other questions.


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