Open for Private Clients!

After an almost four-year hiatus (aka shock and awe of becoming a mother), I’m seeing private clients again.  While I continued to teach classes, offer workshops and lead small group work during my entry into becoming a mother of two, I’ve missed connecting with clients one-on-one.  I’ve missed the challenge and pleasure and delight of helping someone to tune into his or her body and self, find the places that need opening, or strengthening, or softening, then coming up with movement and meditation on the spot.  One might say I’ve had 24/7 practice — sharpening my abilities to attune to someone else — by mothering my two babies.  I can honestly say that when I do this practice of tuning into my body and self, when I can light my fire through healthy practices or tame my flames of regular life stress through a gentle yoga practice, I’m a much better container, mother, tantrum tamer, guide and teacher.  Therefore, I’m thrilled and sensitively empowered to help others move again.

What’s changed in FLOW’s practice with private clients?  While I’ve always kept a journal for myself — from the old-fashioned pastel lock-and-key diary to notebooks filled with purple ink — I encourage (okay, pretty much require) clients dip into note-taking too, usually before and/or after your movement practice.  Even if it’s doodling a body scan or listing where you need to expand.  I’ve found mindful writing helps us to connect more to our essence, it quiets the monkey mind, and strips away the layers of shoulds that weigh us down.  Most importantly movement-wise, it opens a dialogue between our selves and our bodies.  Writer Julia Cameron says, “if you’re only half in your body, you’re only half in your truth.”  Let’s get to the truth through moving and writing.

Additionally, I encourage meditation as a way to clear the path, connect with what really matters, initiate a deeper connection with your innate strength and possibilities.  We start small and build slowly.  Don’t tell anyone who’s on the uptight side, but we can even move while we meditate — We do not have to sit!

Besides mindful writing and meditation (and mastering staying calm during toddler tantrums), how has FLOW grown as a sustainable whole body practice?  1) I’ve continued to study with a dance/movement therapist who teaches nonverbal communication, authentic movement, body awareness, and the magnificence of life-as-a-dance.  We hold our stories in our bodies, hence my dual passion of opening myself and my own stories with a grounded teacher as well as me being the witness and guide for others through sustainable movement practices.  2) Additionally, I’ve been studying teaching kids yoga through YogaKids and Grounded resources.  My ongoing studies of teaching kids yoga reignited my passion and respect for yoga.  3) And, lastly, I earned an additional 100 hours of yoga training in 2014 through Gina Minyard’s Body of Light Immersion studying elemental alignment principles, Tantric yoga philosophy, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, subtle body and Ayurveda practices.

So, if you’re needing to dust off your yoga mat, if you’re still struggling with listening to your body food- and exercise-wise, if you’re needing to push through some burning anxiety, if you’re needing help finding a realistic movement flow at home, if you’re a mother needing to lighten your exhaustion through tuning into your core (or maybe you just need some adult conversation.  shhh, I won’t tell anyone), contact me below.  We can chat about options in-person or via Skype and tailor a plan just for you.




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