M-Bodied Movement 4-week series!

m-bodied movement photo 3


M-Bodied Movement

new 4-week series starts Wednesday, April 15, 10-11am!

M-Bodied Movement ~ a movement class designed for mothers or anyone who desires a safe space for grounding through yoga-inspired movement plus gently guided movement meditations.

*How? Move through alignment-based yoga for grounding and strength followed by theme-based, gently guided movement meditations. This type of teaching offers the boundaries and containment and safety of healthy movement plus the freedom and satisfaction of exploratory movement…plus, circle time at the end for connection and support!

*Who? mothers, or anyone who wants a movement practice to explore body awareness, alignment, strength, space and stretching. No yoga/dance experience necessary. Babies/small children welcome…bring blankets/toys and babywearing carriers

*When? 4-week series starting Wednesday, April 15 through May 6 at 10-11am. Stay tuned for updates.

*Where? Decatur School of Ballet

*Cost? $52 prepay ($13/class) or $15 drop-in. Please PM Caroline Gebhardt on Facebook to register or if you have questions.  Or email carolineflow at gmail

*Join our Facebook group for more events and details!https://www.facebook.com/groups/919464171427330/

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