M-Bodied Movement – *new class for mothers*

m-bodied photo



M-Bodied: mothering oneself through movement


When: 9a-10a ~ Sunday, February 1, 2015 (We will make this an ongoing class depending on interest. Please note, if there is enough interest in a Wednesday or Friday 10a class, I can add that too)


Where: Decatur School of Ballet


Description:  M-Bodied = Self-care, Stretches, Strength and Mindfulness thru Movement. Babywearing and small children welcome to join, but this is *mom-focused* (*not a “mommy&me” class). We will open with some light yoga and stretches, then practice gently led movement focused on flowy, curvy action followed with the muscle work and boundaries of push-pull, grounding movement. A combo of yoga, dance and authentic movement. Short time for discussion/sharing at the end.  Your child is welcome to practice his/her movement too.


Enough instructions for you to practice the body awareness and safe alignment yet enough *freedom* to tailor it to your body. Just like in mothering/parenting, we need boundaries *plus* freedom of expression – We will practice this balance in our bodies.


Cost: $10, cash or check. An RSVP will be appreciated. Three participants required to hold class.


Who: This class is for mothers who need a break, for mothers who need mothering, for those who aren’t mothers but who might want to explore the practice of mindful mothering movement.


FYI from teacher: While I’ve taught fitness and yoga for 15 years, this class grew out of my constant, old, deep desire to move how my body wants to move, not how something or someone else wants me to move. This movement is a mothering practice – an exhilarating practice in mindfulness, physical and emotional attunement, vulnerability within a gentle community, safe but satisfying boundaries, and open-ended freedom. I’m a registered yoga teacher and “gentle” fitness trainer with 15+ years of teaching experience. Feel free to write me with questions.  carolineflow at gmail.com.  Or find me on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/caroline.gebhardt.3


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