Yoga + Writing Workshop: what are you hungry for?

LYBM 2015 photo

Fulfilling Movement: a yoga and writing workshop


Through gentle yoga asanas, creative movement and writing, practice discovering your true hungers as a way to feel full in your body and life. Set aside the “shoulds”, and practice listening to the deeper messages that honor your choices in movement, food, work, play, relationships, etc.  From the satisfying grounding and boundaries of push-pull movement to the freedom allowed in soft, curvy, flowing action, we’ll experiment with listening, feeling, moving and writing the answers to the question: what are you hungry for?  A portion of the proceeds will benefit Atlanta’s Eating Disorders Information Network (EDIN) honoring Love Your Body Month. For more info, visit

When: Sunday, February 15, 2-4pm

Where: Yoga Collective, 1085 Alco Street NE, Atlanta 30324

Who: No yoga experience necessary. All bodies welcome. Ages 15 and up.  Please bring a yoga mat and journal.

Register: Reserve your spot, space is limited!  $15, no refunds.  Please register at

Questions: Contact Caroline Gebhardt, RYT at 404-210-6752 or

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