FLOW’s summer update






I’ve got an afternoon alone to sort mail and paperwork, file taxes in advance, and occasionally Google song lyrics that stream from my iTunes.  Might sound ordinary, but believe me, as a mom of a preschooler who can dump and scatter Matchbox cars faster than you could ever speed on 400, this alone time nourishes my brain and body!

I’ve received a few calls for training requests, so just FYI ~ I have not floated into oblivion but am simply taking a summer break from teaching and training due to growing a baby and building a new house.  This past winter/spring 2014, I treated myself to Gina Minyard’s Body of Light yoga immersion which included 100 hours of alignment-based asana, tantric yoga, anatomy, the subtle body, Ayurveda and various other yogic philosophies and theories.  That tantric  yoga is not what you might be thinking.  Meditation teacher Sally Kempton says it best in a Yoga Journal article:

“There are widely different Tantric texts,” says meditation teacher Sally Kempton, “and different philosophical positions taken by Tantrikas,” or practitioners of Tantra. One core aspect of Tantric philosophy that’s taught in the West, however, remains consistent: That aspect is nondualism, or the idea that one’s true essence (alternatively known as the transcendental Self, pure awareness, or the Divine) exists in every particle of the universe. In the nondualist belief system, there is no separation between the material world and the spiritual realm. Although as humans we perceive duality all around us—good and bad, male and female, hot and cold—these are illusions created by the ego when, in fact, all opposites are contained in the same universal consciousness. For Tantrikas, that means that everything you do and all that you sense, ranging from pain to pleasure and anything in between, is really a manifestation of the Divine and can be a means to bring you closer to your own divinity. “

In other words, this life stuff — from our everyday obligations and chores like family rearing and working in a cubicle, to deciphering what foods our bodies truly need, to listening to that urge to paint or dance, to actively practicing loving our body and its lines and scars — is all real, and it all matters, the dark and the light, and it can all be appreciated and learned from everyday.  Dig a little deeper, let it move you, let it guide you, from the inside-out.  That is exactly what I’m continuing to take with me in my movement training personally and professionally.  To learn to MOVE through life consciously, awake, alive, letting the small, mundane moments as well as the celebrations and tragedies nourish our sense of self so we’re able to become unstuck, move to a place of being grounded with fluidity.

And, this spirit/body/life connection can happen — so overwhelmingly easily yet hard — in practices such as walking, balancing, pushing, pulling, breathing, expanding, contracting.  Whether it’s a flowing type of yoga practice, kickboxing, hiking, running or dancing — the list really goes on — your body and self/spirit/heart can connect and heal and thrive.  And, you can scroll past the diet fads and expensive fitness trinkets because your sense of self will feel magically grounded and ready to withstand the trendy messages that seal off your light.

My wish: Listen to your body.  Listen to your heart.  Surround yourself with like-minded people who support your unique beauty and zig-zagging journey.  Shoot me an email if you have fitness/yoga/movement-or-otherwise-related questions carolineflow@gmail.com – After we get settled into our new home this fall, and I’m mostly over the sleepless nights of a new baby, I look forward to returning to work to help assist your journey of finding freedom through movement.

In the meantime, check out EDIN – the Eating Disorders Information Network.  http://www.myedin.org/ – You’ll find fall events and lots of support in learning to discover your body and self as your own best advocate and friend!


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